BES works closely with Developers, Owners, Contractors, Property Managers, Attorneys, and Insurance Carriers to determine the contributing cause(s) for building enclosure performance problems. Each project is approached scientifically to discover the root cause(s) of performance challenges. Effective solutions are then recommended which include options for Client consideration. All findings and options are communicated with precision and clarity.

The Towers at Embarcadero South

San Francisco, CA

A mixed use, 15 story building development, located on the South Beach Marina, the associates at BES performed litigation support, document review, forensic investigation, materials testing, rehabilitation design, and expert testimony.

Single Family Residence

Brookline, MA

Conducted a pre-purchase inspection of the building envelope including the EIFS cladding, windows, doors, roofing and foundation. Provided detailed recommendations and repair construction cost estimates.

Brown University Molecular Medicine

Providence, RI

Investigated and tested the reported water intrusion at windows and claddings, and developed rehabilitation recommendations.

101 Fountain Street

Providence, RI

Investigated and tested fenestration and masonry conditions contributing to reported water infiltration events, and provided recommendations.