Building Enclosure Science (BES) is a nationally recognized construction consulting firm specializing in the investigation, testing, design and commissioning of claddings, fenestrations, foundations and roofing, collectively referred to as building enclosure systems.

BES has actively participated in groundbreaking work with the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) and has been an active participant with several industry standards organizations, such as The Architectural Aluminum Manufacturers Association (AAMA), Roof Consultants Institute (RCI), and International Concrete Repairs Institute (ICRI). BES and its staff continue to play an active role in the ongoing discussion of best practices for the building enclosure industry.

BES Group Photo


BES is committed to developing a collaborative approach with our clients, as well as all the professionals that make up each project team. At the onset of every project, we strive to gain in-depth understanding of our client’s needs and then to present concise and viable solutions. BES understands the importance of listening to our clients. This includes a dedication to proactive communication, developing and maintaining budgets that align with project goals, and setting clear expectations throughout all phases of a project.

BES provides professional services based on research, testing and the extensive experience of the company’s expert staff. Understanding interdependent building systems, material compatibilities, existing structures and climate conditions, provides the basis for effectively evaluating building enclosure performance and durability.


Integrity: We choose to be honest in all our business interactions and transactions and remain steadfast when challenged.

Respect for the Individual: We show respect for everyone by what we say and do.

Excellence: We excel at everything we do. We strive for the highest standard of quality to achieve superior value for our clients.

Accountability: We own up to our words and actions. When we commit to do something, we do it… decisively, responsibly, and with urgency so that others cab rely on us consistently.

Teamwork: We work together… energized by our collective talent. We listen to, trust, share with, and empower team members. We use data to move beyond individual opinions to rapid decisions and effective implementation.

Innovation: We encourage and value creative solutions to client needs. We are fearless in expressing unique ideas and taking actions that will generate successful client solutions.